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Tarot - Clairvoyance - Mediumship - Psychic Counselling - Magick Tuition - Therapy - Healing

Books - Tarot & Oracle Cards -  Crystals - Herbs - Magickal tools - Spell ingredients - Dolls

Spellbound Shop is based in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom 
Established in 2007, Run by Eclectic Witches

We are a resource centre for witches, pagans and eclectics 

We also run courses on witchcraft, healing systems and crystals 

We create handmade items, available to purchase online and in store

We are a group of witches, each with our own personal style of crafting

Each item we make has a magickal purpose behind it, and is blessed as it is made, through spell work

We strive to be unique and create items of curiosity and beauty; each item we create is a one of a kind creation, we do not replicate any of our products. Be assured that our products are unique, of high quality and love and effort is put into them.


We are situated in College Street, Gloucester, at the approach to Gloucester Cathedral


We have our own Clairvoyant Medium/Tarot reader

Toni Hunt who does private readings,

which can be booked in shop or over the phone or online via our bookings page


Toni Hunt also offers Reiki, Crystal therapy and healing sessions in the shop.