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FaceTime - Video Call Psychic Reading with Toni Hunt Clairvoyant/Tarot/Aura Reading Clairvoyance is the art of accessing information from another dimension. Tarot is the ancient art of divination using a deck of 78 cards. Aura reading is the energy impressions given by the client and interpreted by the medium at the start of your session. During a reading one or more of these methods may be used. The information provided is open to individual interpretation. The medium relays their impressions to the client. The Client is always responsible for their own choices. *Information provided by the medium does not constitute Legal, Medical, psychological or Financial advice. *You must downloaded the app/software you have requested to use for the video appointment For example; FaceTime/Whatsapp/Facebook Video Call/Skype (Please provide us with the correct user name to register you for the appointment) *Please be available 5 minuets prior to your booking *You must be in a suitable location/environment (Closed room with no distractions) Your Psychic Reading will be a 30 minuet duration. *Booking requires full payment in advance; cancellations will result in loss of payment. Alternatively we can re-arrange your booking. Please contact the shop to discuss, we require a minimum of 24hr notice. *Please remember you are responsible for setting up the relevant video calling platform so we can connect prior to your booking. If you have technical difficulty please contact us 24 hours in advance. If this is not complete and you are not available to connect when your session begins, this will be categories as a cancellation and our terms and conditions will apply. Please note our emails can land in the spam inbox and so we ask you check this for all communications from us. *Full booking T&Cs can be found via our Witchy T&Cs page.

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Please see our website witchy terms & conditions for full details. It is important you read this information prior to booking.

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